Toys R Us Announces Come Back With Candytopia Partnership and Interactive Playrooms

Toys R Us has had a rough time the past few years, which is not necessarily unexpected considering the state of the retail industry as a whole, right now.  With many big box stores losing ground to online shopping—and Amazon, in particular—specialty stores continue to struggle to get people through the door. 

But that is not stopping Toys R Us from trying to regain its once dominant position in the world of toy retail.  Toys R Us’ parent company, Tru Kids is relaunching the brand under a new banner and, of course, a new name.  Partnering with Candytopia, Tru Kids is planning a new, immersive store experience they are calling “The Toys R Us Adventure.”  

For now, The Toys R Us Adventure will start with new locations in Chicago and Atlanta, which will feature at least a dozen interactive play rooms with larger-than-life toys.  The new shops will also have new installations that feature, for example, Toys R Us’ giraffe mascot Geoffrey. 

According to Tru Kids CEO Richard Barry, “The Toys R Us brand was built upon celebrating the joys of childhood and we are thrilled to partner with the creatives behind Candytopia to introduce an exciting new way to play for guests of all ages.”

The company originally filed for bankruptcy in 2017, with a liquidation of assets the following year.  The brand—Toys R Us—was then absorbed back into the parent company (again, Tru Kids) in February of this year.  But in July, Tru Kids announced it will open two high-end malls where all sales will go to the manufacturers who pay for space services.  At the same time, Candytopia has sold out its limited, candy-themed sensory experience in the US; so this new concept appears to be an excellent merging of the two concepts.