Verizon Revamps Unlimited Plan Offerings

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) has updated its “Unlimited” plans, expanding the previous three into four plans. The company is doing away with its current Go, Above and Beyond unlimited plans and replacing them with four new plans called Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited. The new plans offer consumers more options than they had before.

The entry-level Start Unlimited plan (which replaces Go) offers unlimited 4G LTE data, a six-month trial of Apple Music, streaming at 480p, and unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico and Canada. The basic plan doesn’t get any hotspot capabilities, but 5G access is available for the plan for an extra $10 per line. Start starts at $70 for a single line.

The Play More and Do More plans (which replace Above as the middle plan) both start at $80 for a single line. Both plans come with unlimited hotspot data with 15GB at 4G LTE speeds and unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico and Canada. The Play More plan offers 25GB of 4G LTE phone data, streaming video in 720p HD, and a subscription to Apple Music. The Do More plan offers 50GB of 4G LTE phone data, streaming video in 480p, a six-month trial of Apple Music subscription, and a discount of 50 percent off when adding a tablet or Jetpack portable hotspot unlimited plan.

The Get More plan (which replaces Beyond) starts at $90 and combines the features of Do More and Play More. The Do More and Get More plans also come with 500GB of storage in Verizon’s Cloud service. All four plans offer a $5 discount compared with their equivalent earlier plans. The Go, Above and Beyond plans cost $75, $85 and $95, respectively. Taxes and fees on all plans are not included.

Verizon is holding a limited promotion to waive the $10 5G fee for its Play More, Do More and Get More plans. There is no end date for when this “limited time offer” might expire, but the customers that do sign up will be able to keep their 5G access for no additional cost after the promotion expires. Verizon is also adding new discounts for having five lines or more on all four new plans, allowing for an additional $5 discount on top of the four-line price.