The sixth generation Camaro may be the last Chevrolet will produce

Speculations are abounding that the sixth generation Camaro may be the last of its kind as rumors say that the development of the seventh generation Camaro is being shelved. Even more, rumors say that the Camaro name may be buried completely by 2023 according to Muscle Cars & Trucks who spoke with ‘multiple sources’within General Motors (GM).

The Camaro legend began in 1966 when GM developed and designed it to compete with Ford’s Mustang. The first design was developed for stock racing . then further developed to bring the experience of sports car driving to the average driver.  The first through fourth generation models were made through the 1990s.

Although fans of the ‘pony emblemed’ car will be disappointed to hear the Camaro is on the demise, it’s not the first time rumors of the Camaro being discontinued has been around. Back in 2002 rumors had it that the Camaro was on its automotive world death bed. 

But in 2006 M announced the return of the Camaro and it made a comeback in 2009 with the fifth generation throwback styling design with a lot of hoopla. But for now, two generations and 10 years later it looks as though its in its final demise.

So what are the reasons for the rumors flying that the Camaro’s seventh gen design is being scrapped or not even being attempted to be developed?

A couple of factors. One is the phasing out of the Alpha platform that the Camaro is built on because its been determined it will not transition to the newer platform called A2XX that also undergirds two Cadillac models. 

And the other factor is the transfer of Camaro’s chief engineer,  Al Oppenheiser, to GM’s electric vehicle (EV) division which GM is attempting to keep in the race with Ford as well as foreign manufactures like Tesla, VW, and more.

And not to mention that any information on the a seventh generation Camaro has not been forthcoming. When GM was pressed it issued a vague non-denial with comments only on improvements to meet customer requests for improving the driving experience but not a change in design.

Camaro hasn’t seen a boom in sales since it’s re-introduction of its fifth generation model was announced in 2009 and currently it follows the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger in popularity. According to Driving, Camaro’s price ticket is one of the reasons, not to mention that its last design was so unappealing its designers had to go back to the drawing board and re-design it.