Liberty Pipeline proposal to pump North Dakota crude oil to Oklahoma

A proposal made by two companies to pump North Dakota crude oil to Oklahoma was made on Monday, June 10, 2019. The joint venture will be called the Liberty Pipeline and will cost around $1.6 billion and will be the biggest type of project since 2016 when the Dakota Access pipeline ignited violent clashes between law enforcement and protestors from Native American tribes and environmental groups.

The two companies are Houston based Phillips66 and Bridger Pipeline which is based out of Casper Wyoming. The Liberty Pipeline will be designed to move 350,000 barrels of oil per day from the oil reserves in western North Dakota to Cushing, Oklahoma which is the US’s largest storage terminal. From that point shippers can have access to multiple destinations along the Gulf Coast such as  Corpus Christi, Ingleside, and Houston, Texas.

So far no disclosure regarding the route the Liberty Pipeline will take has been filed which the North Dakota Public Service Commission must approve as far as its route through the state. The companies say that they will use pipelines and utility corridors all ready in place as well as provide advanced construction techniques in order to limit the impact to the environment or surrounding communities.

The North Dakota’s Public Service Commission reports that no filings have been received. Stacy Eberl, who is the spokeswoman for the agency, says they have not seen any plans from either company. She said the companies need to decide the route before filing for approval. The companies said in their joint statement on Monday that they plan to have the Liberty Pipeline up and running by 2021.

Phillips 66 will lead the construction and will operate the pipeline. Shipping commitments from suppliers will be booked later on.

In the US, North Dakota is the second largest oil producer after Texas and ND’s oil production is around 1.4 million barrels per day. The Dakota Pipeline, which cost $3.8 billion, pumps half that amount per day and only goes as far as Illinois to shippers there. It passes through South Dakota and Iowa and has been doing so since 2017.

According to Wikipedia, Phillips 66 is an American multinational energy company and its predecessors were Conoco and Phillips Petroleum Company making it a 102 year old company. It conducts business in over 65 countries worldwide and employs about 14000 people. 

Bridger Pipeline’s website says it is a liquids pipeline operator connected to the Belle Fourche, Bridger and Butte pipelines which collects and moves crude oil from the Williston Basin of western North Dakota and eastern Montana, and the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. It’s headquartered in Casper, Wyoming.