Apple will tune-out iTunes this fall

Yes, Apple is going to stop iTunes this fall when its new iOS Catalina is launched to update the current Mojave for the macOS. It was announced at Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference 2019 this week.

If you are wondering about all your music, movies, TV and podcasts that you have purchased being deleted too, don’t panic.

Apple is splitting iTunes up into three new categories for the MacOS. Music will be offered on Apple Music, movies and TV will be handled by Apple TV, and podcasts will be housed on Apple Podcasts.

When the programs go into effect this fall, all your past purchases will be transferred into the appropriate categories. And if you’ve created playlists, they’lle switched over too. And if you want to buy more music you will be able to do it through the Apple Music app.

Same goes for movies and TV. If you’ve made purchases in these categories they will be transferred over to Apple TV app and you will be able to continue making new purchases.

And your podcasts will appear in the Apple Podcast app. Audio books, though in your current iTunes will show up in Apple Books.

If you have ever backed-up your iPhones using iTuneson your macOS, instead of using iCloud, the Finder app will start handling it once iTunes is eliminated this fall. When these changes are instituted, Apple says when your device is connected to you Mac it will immediately show-up in the Finder’s sidebar and this will enable you to back-up, update or restore your device.

If you are a Windows PC user, you will not have to worry about any of these changes. Apple isn’t doing away with iTunes for Windows, so you can keep on doing things as usual.  However, if all goes well for the macOS, eventually it will make the same changes to Windows and split the iTunes app for windows into three separate apps.

If you are wondering if you can purchase the new apps now the answer is no unless you do it as an app developer and that will cost you a fee of $99 every year. Best wait until fall.

However if you are really, really wanting them now, you can sign up for public beta which will be available next month, keeping in mind that you may have bugs to deal with since they will be pre-release software.

Apple is making these changes to its desktop version to bring it in line with its mobile services which have already separated music, TV and podcasts into three apps. So starting this fall all of its products will be in harmony.