Blue bubbles over green bubbles are main reason iPhone is chosen over Android

With all the excitement over the many new Android smartphones that are appearing in 2019 you would think that the Android is the first pick by most consumers.

And this year’s Android smartphones are coming out redesigned like the Galaxy S10 or with added features like a pop-up camera or the highly expected foldable smartphones. While the iPhones are not expected to come up with anything tremendously new except for the triple-lens camera, it still garners a lot more attention and sales in the US market and many wonder what it is that people can’t stay away from was far as Apple’s iPhones.

There are many reason of course that people will choose an iPhone over an Android but at one company the reason is not what you would expect at all.

A Reddit commentator who works at one particular company, said its IT engineers were surprised to find out that out of 500 employees over 98 percent of them owned iPhones – yes, all 492 employees chose iPhones over an Android. So they set out to find out why this was the case by sending out a survey.  And to their surprise way over half of the employees gave the same answer. And their answer was even more surprising!

Questions like whether they chose an iPhone over Android because they felt the design quality was better; or did they choose iPhones over Android because of better speed performance; or did they choose the iPhone over Android because overall the iPhone was simpler and easier to use because of its iOS as compared to an Android? None of these questions topped the reason that was given as to why the majority of iPhone owners whose the iPhone over an Android.

For the more than half of the 492 iPhone owners, almost 250, it had to do with what color their message bubbles would end up being when using iMessage chats in the iPhone’s Messages app. They didn’t want their bubbles to be ‘green.’ They wanted blue colored message bubbles!  Seriously!

The color used by SMS chats are shown with green bubbles while the iPhone iMessage chat bubbles are blue. So in-spite of all the great advantages that iPhone offers, its the iMessage service that influenced the majority of that company’s staff to choose iPhone over Android. Blue bubbles over green ones.