Rotten Tomatoes Launching Verified Audience Feature

Rotten Tomatoes is taking another step to improve the authenticity of the movie reviews on its platform. Now, movie goers that purchase their ticket on Fandango, which owns Rotten Tomatoes, will get a verified badge next to their review, showing that the reviewer had actually seen the movie. Fandango president Paul Yanover believes that this will increase consumer confidence in the site.

Rotten Tomatoes has had a problem with fake reviews popping up all over its platform. For example, under the previous system, trolls could post negative scores for films that hadn’t even been released yet. Multiple films have been attacked in this way, including the recently released Captain Marvel. The attacks would drown out legitimate reviews of the movie and artificially drive down its ratings. The company has now decided to shut down user reviews until a film officially hits theaters.

The addition of the new feature known as the Verified Audience section is another weapon in the battle against the trolls. Now, customers who purchase tickets to any film through Fandango can choose to have their account linked to Rotten Tomatoes. After the movie is done, they will get a push notification prompting them to write a review. These reviews will be marked as verified and used to calculate the Verified Audience score.

Users do not have to have a verified ticket purchase to leave reviews on the platform. Those reviews will go to the “All Audience” section of Rotten Tomatoes’ audience feedback. These reviews will not be the default view on Rotten Tomatoes anymore, as the Verified Audience section will be given more prominence.

Other movie ticket sellers have already announced that they are willing to join Fandango in its mission. AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark have confirmed that they will be offering the Rotten Tomatoes verified program later in the year. According to statements from the theater chains, the details are still being worked out.