Man Suffers Stroke From Popping His Neck

Most of us have popped or cracked our chuckles from time to time, but rarely does one hear of popping ones neck except to have a chiropractor do it correctly.

However, one such incident of popping a neck happened in Guthrie, OK by a 28 year-old man who shockingly ended up with his experiencinga stroke.

Josh Hader said that when he popped his neck, the moment he heard the ‘pop’ he felt everything on the left side of his body start to go numb. He started to get up to go to the fridge to get an ice-pack and he said he couldn’t walk.

His father-in-law who was present rushed Hader to the hospital where he ended up being surrounded by several nurses and doctors.

One of the doctors on staff at Mercy Hospital, attending to Hader, Dr. Vance McCollom said the neck pop caused Hader to have a stroke which could have killed him.

In the x-ray taken, McCollum showed the area of Hader’s neck which showed a tear in his vertebral artery which is a crucial vessel leading to the brain.

McCollom said that when a person has a stroke in that area they could end up being completely paralyzed. Though the patient can completely know what’s going on they won’t be able to communicate nor can they move anything or even breathe.

Although Hader’s stroke was not as significant as that it still caused a lot of damage for him. The stroke has left him with a weakened left eye due to an injured nerve in the muscle going to that eye as a result of the stroke and he has had to wear an eye patch.

Hader’s doctors decided that his condition called for medicine and physical therapy as the best treatment.

Although in the beginning Hader had to use a walker it’s put away now but he still has trouble with his left leg. His greatest difficulty he says is not being able to help his wife care for their two young children. He has restrictions to lifting and so can’t assist in the middle of the night to help feed their youngest child.

Hader will always have some consequences from having the stroke, McCollom says. He warns people to not pop their necks, but if they have discomfort to just move their heads from side to side and not twist it. Twisting bears the risk of tearing that vessel when it is severely pinched.

Hader apologized to his wife who had warned him several times to not pop his neck because he could possibly have a stroke.